Lamhe.. Moments..

The biggest motivation that has got me to the place I am.. pursuing what I am.. doing what I am.. studying what I am.. is not my interest or inclination towards my specialization, but it is the fact that I get to be a student, yet again, after being a part of the corporate world for those 365 days of my life (it wasn’t a leap year), which I’m never gonna get back.

The irony – I don’t regret a single day!

Now when I look back, its not just the routine mundane work with a blend of challenges – meeting the deadlines, trying and coming up with new innovative workarounds for work that has already been done, marketing yourself that I see, but also the moments I spent with my friends, roomies and colleagues.

The times were beautiful.. We were getting to know ourselves – what to expect, how to behave, what to answer, how to talk, what all to say, how much to demand, how to refuse, be satisfied… The most significant two things being – receiving orders and ordering others. We were expanding our horizons – intellectually, socially & emotionally.

For a few people I know – work was life. Work demanded odd hours, wasted weekends, skipping lunch or breakfast, spending a handful of sleepless nights, skipping episodes of your favorite tv series, missing out on the traditional celebration of a few holidays you had cared for, not being able to make it for coffee shop hangouts, missing out on a friend’s wedding and not to mention – canceling at least one trip back home, for you had some extra emails to read that week and an extra workload to get rid of.

Do you agree to this..? Oh yes, of course you all do.
Why am I so confident..? Because I was one of them!

Did we even dare ask ourselves – where were we heading?
Oh yes! We were becoming more Responsible & Mature.

But at what cost?
We were spending our invaluable asset – time!

Won’t deny that it was because of work that we were there and it was the main thing to do, but not the ONLY thing. It was very important to realize the latter part of the sentence and that too in its correct sense. I consider myself really fortunate, firstly, to have realized it and secondly, to have like-minded friends there. And so it was the beginning of a new chapter.. not only the summary of which but also the most detailed moments are embossed in my memories for-ever..

Coming over to Tech marked the end to a beautiful era and beginning of a new phase.. the phase I was longing to get back to.. where I’ll get to be a Student once again in my life! 😉 I know its not gonna last long this time (not even as long as the 4 most significant revolutions around The Sun, during my college days) but I’ve had a great experience so far. Again, I owe a thanks to all the lovely people who are here with me.. who – help, talk, hang out, make fun, play, advise and enjoy with me 🙂

I’ve started weaving the net.. just want ur help to make it the best experience of my lifetime.

…and here’s a dedication to all, which will stand true always..

Yeh lamhe, yeh pal hum.. Barson yaad karenge..
Yeh mausam chale gaye to.. Hum fariyaad karenge!


~ by Gagan on December 26, 2007.

One Response to “Lamhe.. Moments..”

  1. You dont have to be in college to be a student.. Its all in your heart..

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