Isn’t it enough.. yet?

ok.. I never thought that I’d write anything regarding this but things have really got strange lately and I don’t understand whom do I hold more responsible for playing with my thoughts – Man or Nature!

We all are completely aware of the fact that it’s the third world with no cold war or whatsoever still on (alright.. at least not formally). But there is some element of disgust that is keeping the security forces around the world working hard, media centers rolling, politicians playing and people like us helplessly wondering what’s next. Though there is a hell lot of terror & violence in the air, lemme assure you something – we all would NOT be heading towards a fourth world in ANY case and I can bet my *ss on it!

Why am I so sure..?
Its Simple! No one would be alive to see the morning sun rise, or even enjoy the light breeze in the moon-lit evenings. As a matter of fact there will be no mornings or evenings!
correct? yeah.. I know I am right..

Background: There had been a few (few = 7) blasts in the city of Bangalore last evening, the place I worked for a year before coming to Tech.
My mind started playing this game with me early in the morning while I was waiting to board my flight for a fun-filled weekend away from work. I receive a call from my sister and this is the conversation I have:

Me: Hi baby!
She: Don’t worry.. everything is fine with us.
Me: (of course all confused with a strange reply from her) What are u talking about?
She: There have been a few blasts around the city, but we are all fine.
Me: What? Where? When?

Next, as I’m about to switch-off my mobile before the take-off, it buzzes again and there is a message from my aunt that reads, “It was all in the outskirts of the city. Don’t worry.. Talk to you tomorrow.

Later, in the evening at my vacation-destination, I got to know the aftermath of the situation and was stunned.. simply stunned.. 22 Blasts! Any idea what 22 is? Just count from 1 to 22 right now (in 22 seconds) and you’ll come to know. Like if that was not enough, 2 explosions were caused after a brief pause in the serial killings in the hospital where most of the causalities were taken. I mean… Come on.. Doesn’t anyone know the rules???????? Pathetic.. (have no words to describe how I feel about this).

If that was not enough – The next working day, after I was back from my vacation, at my desk as I’m about to start my daily routine.. ‘ping’ – I get a IM from a friend about what happened a few hours ago in the Diamond capital of India – Surat.. 19 Bombs diffused over a period of 24 hours! Wow.. Damn! 19..

Now the twist.. if that was not enough, while still talking on the IM, my desk starts to wobble! Everyone stares at each other with ‘that’ fear in their eyes and it turns out to be my second earthquake. it scared the sh*t out of me!

Background: I had experienced the 7.9 on 26th July 2001
“An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale devastates much of Gujarat state in northwestern India, killing an estimated 30,000 people and making more than a million homeless. Bhuj and Ahmedabad are among the towns worst hit.”
(ref: BBC News: Deadly history of earthquakes).

If that was not enough, today exactly 7 weeks later, I wake up on hearing the news of 5 blasts in the capital of India a few hours ago! and again, if that was not enough, while talking to a friend a few minutes ago about our relatives in Delhi, I’m greeted by headlines such as One million homeless in Haiti, Catastrophic storm hits Texas

I’ve a LOT of questions now..

Who is more destructive?
What is the world coming to?

Nature is parallel to God. Cannot blame or have animosity against it. Only thing that we can do is pray and try hard to recover from the damages caused to our souls. On the other hand we can very well point out at humans and hold them responsible for our sufferings. Is this the only difference?

Thinking slightly in the different direction, its the same very Nature that makes us experience the ‘most’ jaw-dropping sights like these:

26th Aug '08, Georgia Tech, Atlanta


26th Jan '01 Earthquake - Ahmedabad, India

And the following pictures depict what ‘we’ are capable of:

The true feeling of Love


26th July '08 Serial Blasts - Ahmedabad, India

So what is it?
Are we trying to strike a balance in our good-bad deeds?
Are we trying to mimic both sides of Nature?
Are we trying to convey this to God that Nature is no more required – as we can, at will, bring out whichever behavior we want?

What is it?

Its ‘us’ – ‘we’ fellow people on this teeny-tiny mass of earth in the massive vacuum-filled space who are still unaware of our own existence but have already faced two strikes from each other (I’m talking about the World being at War).

Ironically, the rules of the game will be followed after the 3rd strike..



~ by Gagan on September 13, 2008.

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