You were there. We were there. Pretending to have a good time. Like yesterday never happened. The same yesterday which could not contain the silence that engulfed us. It overflowed with emptiness. The words were meaningless. The only thing positive was your composure. And the respect in your eyes, but I made that flow. And I let you go.
It doesn’t hurt..

The Holi; the beach; the sun; the breeze. The awkward greetings; the accidental glances. Human canvases painted with colors for all possible emotions except the brown kindness, the brown confidence, the brown cheerfulness and the same brown innocence. The lustrous brown only contained in your eyes. This sparkle, yesterday, I let swell as I bid farewell.
It doesn’t hurt..

The yesterdays were pretty good. Satisfying. We shared secrets, we shared laughter; we discussed our arguments and grew up together. Little did I know, the kid was mature. Couldn’t roll the Rs, yet could speak her mind. Crystal clear. The birdy will reach the skies, I know. I missed my flight, I know. Yesterday, I let my Popat fly. And I said goodbye.
It doesn’t hurt..

It doesn’t hurt.. it pains!



~ by Gagan on March 4, 2012.

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