eid mubarak

do bhaande, ek soti te dangar naal, turra dittay pind saare
bhenna, phraavan, maavan, bacche – rul de rahe kalle bechare
bhul chuke ne bachpan de khed kadi je khede si..
paraaye ne ootthe, jitthe aap kadi jamme si..
intehaa toh vadh ditti tu enhaan nu peed mubarak..
vekh ajj vi bolde ne teri eid mubarak..

with empty pots, a stick and mule, you forced towns to flee
sisters, brothers, kids and mothers – fallen leaves of an unfortunate tree
estranged from childhood, identities so torn
strangers to the space, the land they were born
pain beyond agony, they are blessed by thee
nonetheless, they still cry out ‘blessed eid! blessed eid!’

sukkiyan, pyaasiyaan, bukkhiyan, turdiyaan ne..
rab jaane kitthe labdiyaan phirdiyaan ne
rakhdi, taabiz, dhaage aakhir saaray fazool si
dua, ardaas, puja tu kitti kaddon qabool si?
das vi hun, kitthe ne inhan de veer mubarak..
kar vi de ihnan de eh eid mubarak..

exhausted, parched, devastated, shore to shore
wonder if they’ll reach ever, what they’re hunting for
must have been utter meaningless – the rakhi, the muska, the ta’wiz
when did you ever heed – their prayers, their dua, their pleas?
speak! tell them, where are the brothers they seek
shun the facade, sell them too, the promise of your ‘blessed eid!’

tut gaye ne ghar, dhae gayiyan deewaaran,
lakhhaan bevaa, te saikadon aawaraa
mar rahe ne maasum, maar rahe ne siyane
ditta hi tu ki si, je hun chin littay niyane?
bakshe ne hanju te de aman di vi ummeed mubarak
keho jayi ditti tu bandeyan nu eid mubarak?

blown up homes, rumbled memories reflected in pools of red
countless orphans, countless! scores dead
your beings are killing and your beings are the killing,
you hadn’t offered much, why are you then doing the stealing?
having gifted tears, offer glimpses too, of peace
or is it just a one-way street, your ‘blessed eid!’?

rab ne taan nai sun-ni, main hun arzi tuhwade aage karnda haan
hatth joday, suchhe dil ton, baynti aeho karda haan
bichde ne, unhan nu millan deyo..
katthe ne unha nu khillan deyo..
mazhab nahi, nafrat nahi, ishq de layi qurbaaniyan deyo
insan bano, insaan nu insaaniyat da maan deyo..

Khuda, I wonder if present, isn’t going to care,
hence this burden of change, we ourselves must bear
let the parted unite
let this togetherness give the light
not for hate or religion, but for love we must sacrifice
it’s our gamble, let us possess and ourselves roll the dice

jeday yaar naal ne, unhan nu deed mubarak,
te baaki saareyan nu, mere vallon, eid mubarak!

the one’s with their beloveds are the truly blessed,
and humbly, I wish ‘eid mubarak‘ to the rest


~ by Gagan on July 31, 2014.

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